Nazca Lines

Nazca Lines, which are huge line drawings located in Peru are one of the world’s mysteries that no scientist could explain how and why people did it. Nazca Lines are composed of 300 hundred different figues on the surface of the desert, most of them are animal shaped and in geometric shapes.

Nazca Lines were created by Nazca people living in Nazca Desert in Peru between 200 BC and 600 AD. These shapes include ranging from figure of a monkey tohummingbird and they can be recognized only from air so it is obvious that Nazca people could never saw what their work looked like. Also, they did all these figures with primitive tools. That is why it is a mystery even today.

There are some theories to why Nazca people created these lines and figures. One theory is that these lines were created to be visible to the Gods in the sky. There is also an astrological explanation that these lines were a kind of observatory but in 2011 we still don’t know the exact reason to why Nazca people created these lines.

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