I’m going to explain what calligraphy is and the history of it briefly. And then I will give some information about the technique. Calligraphy is a viusal art that deals with lettering. The word ‘calligraphy’ has greek roots: kalli, which means ‘beautiful’ and graphia which means ‘writing’. Latin started what we call ‘modern calligraphy’. In the middle ages monks from powerful churches were the only literate members of their society. They would scribe the ancient texts and royal people would read it. The style was flourishing and narrow and also saved space. This style was called gothic.

Now I’m going to give some information about the technique of calligraphy. There are some factors affecting the outcome of the calligraphic text. These are; shape, size and hair type  of the brush used. Even the paper’s water absorption speed has an effect on the final result. The calligrapher uses a certain inclination and pressure on the brush to create thick and thin strokes.

Example for Calligraphy Styles:

An example of modern day use for a wedding invitation:

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