An incunable means; a printed book in Europe before1501. Incunabula are not handwritten, they are printed. Two types of incunabula are, the Block Book and the Typographic Book.

A famous example is Gutenberg Bible. It is the first book that is printed and it marks the beginning of the age of printing books. The book is very famous for its artistry and iconic. Gutenberg used an oil based ink instead of water based ink that were very much used at the time. This is because scribes used water based inks to produce manuscripts and that was ok for the manuscripts. However Gutenberg needed to find an ink that would be useable in his metal type.

The Gutenberg type is blackletter type. It is now known as Textura. It is a very calligraphic type of blackletter and is very associated with Gothic. The letters are very narrow and tall.

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