The First Photograph

The first ‘photograph’ is by Joseph Nicophere Niepce. It was taken on a hot summer day, in the year 1827. The photographic image was made with a camera obscura. Before that artists would just use camera obscura to make accurate drawings. But Nicophere produced a photograph for the sake of it being a photograph.  This was the beginnig and prototype for modern photograph. But Nicophere’s technique caused the image to appear for a while and dissapear after. It was exposed for 8 hours. Niepce would place a metal plate into a solvent and an image would appear after being exposed for the time required.

The photograph is taken from the upper rear window of Niepce’s family house. We can see a tree, a wing of the family house and the sky. It is not very detailed and  that is not because of fading but because it is quite underexposed even it is exposed for 8 hours. Later, Louis Daguerre  tried and was able to reduce exposure time to less than 30 minutes. He also was able to stop the image from fading and dissapearing afterwards.

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