Alexander Rodchenko and his Influence Today

Alexander Rodchenko was a Russian avant garde artist. First a graphic designer and later he became a photographer.  His photographs were more photomontages. He is very influential and we can see many artists referencing him today. First of all the graphic designers of 20th century are very much influenced by him.  He lived when there was a lot of political changes in Russia and his work reflected that. He is one of the founders of Constructivist art.

Barbara Kruger is a conceptual artist,whom I like very much and whose photographic works and the used texts accompany each other in a great way , is clearly influenced by Rodchenko.

These are some of her works:

You can also see Franz Ferdinand’s cover for their album ‘You Could Have it So Much Better’ references the second image in this post.

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One Response to Alexander Rodchenko and his Influence Today

  1. Glad to see this post about Rodchenko and his influence on contemporary design and photography. People are largely unaware of how contemporary Rodchenko was and is even today and that much of our visual language was pioneered by his experiments in photography and graphics. I have directed a film called “Alexander Rodchenko and the Russian Avant-garde” Using archive footage and locations in Moscow it follows in the footsteps of Rodchenko’s creative development and touches on some of the points you make here. For more information see Thanks once again for this post.

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