Polish Poster Artists

Franciszek Starowieyski

He was born in Cracow. He mainly designed posters, drew, painted, illustrated books and designed stages. He had mainly 2 styles. One was social realism that was the style of his early posters. The second style was more popular and was prevelant in his later posters. He designed this very colorful posters for Cryk.

Cryk means contemporary Polish art circus posters. The style is very characteristic. Lively and vibrant colors are used. The texts that are used are hand lettered.  Linear design, humor, painterly gestures like brushstrokes are other characteristics. These posters are not advertisements, they are circus posters that are meant to interest the people passing by the street and interest them in the nearby circus.  He designed 1 poster for Cryk, that is Homage to Picasso.

Roman Cieślewicz

He was both a photographer and a graphic designer. He was Polish. He was the art director for Elle and Vogue. He designed posters which were exhibited in group exhibitions.

Below you can see a poster he designed for the Alfred Hitchcock classic Vertigo, which is one of my favorite movies of all time. The poster is very expressive and very fitting for a movie that is about the division of psyche.

There are many great details such as the texture of fingerprints used in the dress or the very interesting and limited use of color inserted inside the head, making it even more striking.

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