Emigre Graphics

Emigre is a digital type foundry. It was founded by Zuzana Licko and Rudy VanderLans. With the arrival of Macintosh computers, there was this new medium and with this new medium you could design new typefaces digitally. Emigre took advantage of this new medium. Emigre is important for making fonts that are made on computer and that are going to be used on computers. It was the first company to do this.

Throughout most of eighties and nineties Emigre  created lots of fonts. They were cutting edge.  Also they were criticised a lot because of their standarts for graphic design.  Some saw Emigre as opposite to Modernist ideals and that it was a mirror for our culture’s degradation. But mostly it was celebrated for its cutting edge and strong style.

Emigre also had a magazine. The real aim was to show these new fonts created. It also had a lot of essays on contemporary design etc.

Here are some pages from  Emigre’s 70th issue which is a look back on older issues.

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