Neville Brody

Neville Brody is a typographer and after Macintosh computers emerged and is famous for being cutting edge and pushing boundaries. He is probably the most famous graphic artist of his generation. He worked for the Face magazine, and with his contribution the magazine was very influential and it was even called ‘Style Bible’ because most of the magazines worldwide was influenced by Neville Brody’s typographical approach which was very fluid and expressive. Around these times Neville Brody didn’t use any computer. First it was very difficult learning for him to play around with a Macintosh but then he was very inspired because he felt that he could delve into typography more since manipulating typography was very good for him. Traditional methods had outcomes that weren’t so much advanced as the computers’ results. Neville Brody was inspired by mainly punk style. Also he was very much inspired by Dadaism and Pop Art.

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