Futurism is a movement that is both social and artistic. It first originated in Italy during 20th century. It is a movement that is fascinated with future and its objects. Speed was a very important theme as was technology, youth, cars, airplanes, industry etc.  Like I said it  first originated in Italy but also it affected England, Russia etc.

There wasn’t a single medium in which the futurists practiced.  There were futurist paintings, futurist sculptures, futurists theatere, futurist films etc. The movement also included graphic design, industrial design, fashion, textile, architecture and music. Gastronomy even was affected.

Natalia Goncharova The Forest, c.1913

The Futurist Manifesto was very important in defining the parameters of Futurism. It was written by Italian poet Filippo Tommaso Marinetti.  The main points were that futurism rejected past, was fascinated with the future, technology, industry and technology.  The contents of the manifestation were that; Italy is a present country and has an active industry. Here, while it is not openly said, nationalism is hinted.  In another article, fascism is hinted. It is written that war is very important for the health of the human soul. This glorifying of war very much influenced the ideology of fascism.


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